All the bright lights make it look like day outside. It smells salty and sweet.There is so much color like blue ,red ,and green. I see children spending time with family ,and there is so much toys like horses and bears. There are red ,yellow ,and blue flags everywhere

9/11 Reflections

My source::Wikimedia Commons I learned that 9/11 was a tragedy and one f the worst days ever, but I also learned that it brought people close together.It is horrible knowing how much people died for either saving people or the people who died for doing nothing wrong. Osama Benlotten was the leader of that day […]

Life in 5th Grade

So far 5th grade has been great so far,but we have had a bunch of tests and that’s my least favorite part my other least favorite part is how strict it is ,but I know it’going to be way more strict.I hope I like it in fifth grade.I love my teachers and what were learning!

Super Digital Citizen

My name is Mattmakay. My super power is making sure people don’t post inapropriate stuff .                                                                               […]