It was a dark fullmoon midnight on Friday the 13th. Magen,Matthew,Veronica, and I were in the woods searching for our old crew member Vanessa. We’ve been having complaints of vampires kidnapping people.Of course we didn’t believe that but we have been hearing weird noises like chainsaws and screaming.After a while we saw a blood handprint on one of the trees.We heard even more screaming. We looked one direction and Veronica disappeared. Before we knew it , we were passed out when we woke up we were all hanging from trees.When I looked down there were chainsaws on the ground under us and I realized that if the tree branch broke we would all fall onto the chainsaws. When I looked over at the people they were all vampires and two of them were singing ring around the rosey. Over to the left I saw Veronica and Vanessa by the tree we thought they were on our side, but when I saw them talking to the other side it turns out they were on the antagonists side. We were really scared because  we thought  they were going to cut the ropes and fall on the chainsaws. Suprisingly we heard a scream it sounded like a group of my friends. The scream distracted the vampires and while the vampires were distracted  my friends removed the chainsaws and cut the branch.We all tied the vampires together and put the chainsaws around them. The next day we went to the woods and they were gone.We hoped that they went to another state because after that we never saw them again

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