The Kid Who Ran for President

“The Kid Who Ran for President” is a great book. It is a book about a kid who wasn’t very smart and his friend who is a genius and he runs for president as a joke. Like this book because it is inspiring you to follow your dreams. You should go and read the book.

Favorite Holiday

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love Christmas because we celebrate Jesus, we get presents, we have good food, and we have cold weather. I love celebrating Jesus because we get to thank him for all that he has done for us. It’s fun getting presents because you get to play with them with your […]

Red Ribbon week

On Febuary 7, 1985 this guy named Kiki got kidnapped because he was about to release a multi-billion dollar drug pipeline.It was believed that Special Agent Camerana’s death happened two days later , but his body wasn’t found until March 5, 1985.Hundreds of club members wore red ribbons.It became nation wide later that summer in […]