One day Addie took me home so we could go to church together.Addie and I went mudding on fourwheelers. It was awesome. First we went to the snowcone stand and we got Dallas Mavericks snow cone’s and then we rode on the fourwheelers to the horses. Their names were Boomerang and Comet. Boomerang did not like me at first. All he cared about was grass, but after a while he loved me. Comet loved me to begin with. We found a great view so we took some photos . That day we took a bunch of snapchats, then we went mudding because we found a huge mud hole in one of her pastures. We got soaked and every time we said “God be with us” to make sure we wouldn’t get stuck in a mud hole.We took a snapchat in slo-mo and it looked awesome. After that we rode back to the house we changed into our swimsuits and went swimming, it was so fun. We also did a bunch of musical.lys. For dinner we had alfredo shrimp with green peas it was awesome.We were a little late but we didn’t miss anything.We got to spin the night because the next day was early release. We did some we did some hairstyles and we had the same hairstyles for school.

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