My Fifth Grade Year

It has bean a great year ,so much awesome memories. My teachers have been awesome.I am very sad to leave this campus, but I know I will make more memories on the new campus. There has been hard times in fifth grade, but not as much hard times  as great times. I have learned so […]

Dear Mrs.Larue Letters from Obedience School.

Dear Ike, Hey,Ike! It is now summer and it has been great here. I got a new buddy and her name is Lilly. I don’t know why you left.Since it is summer they built a outdoor pool and it has a slide and everything. We have already been on 5 camping trips. It was very […]

A Day with Addie!

One day Addie took me home so we could go to church together.Addie and I went mudding on fourwheelers. It was awesome. First we went to the snowcone stand and we got Dallas Mavericks snow cone’s and then we rode on the fourwheelers to the horses. Their names were Boomerang and Comet. Boomerang did not […]

War of 1812

Was fought between the United States of America and the United Kingdom. As a result for the end of the war they signed the Treaty of Ghent since there was no  reason to be fighting any more. Result of the war was no boundary changes. On June 18 ,1812 the war began. F Finally the […]